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Books: The Secret Life of Plants – something interesting…

Just when you thought your plants didn’t think or feel!

Who would have thought that a plant could be a witness to a crime – and testify against the perpetrator?

Well, it is true!

Early in the 70’s an experiment was done on houseplants. Researchers connected a polygraph machine to a plant and an interesting thing happened – they discovered that their plants actually recognized their owners; they responded to being talked to and praised; and they also fainted when exposed to negative thoughts, words, or violence.

In this famous experiment, a person was instructed to go into the room where there were two plants, and they were asked to violently destroy one of the plants. Later, the “witness” plant was connected to a polygraph machine and the researchers had several people, one at a time, enter the room with the plant connected to the polygraph. When the guilty person entered the room the needle on the machine went crazy!

Maybe my spider plant will be able to tell me who dropped her last night as evidenced by the dirt on the carpet…

Reference has been made to the following book: The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird


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