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Snake Plant

Sansevieria trifasciata (Snake plant, Mother-in-law’s Tongue)
Native to tropical West Africa


I think every month I talk about one of my plants as being my ‘favorite’, and this is another one.

The snake plant is not only decorative but is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. They tolerate low light and require watering only once a month. I think the key word here with regard to lighting is ‘tolerate’ – they will tolerate low light but all plants require some light to be healthy. My plant is about three feet tall now and it is in front of my north facing balcony door – I don’t recommend the north but that is all I have – I would suggest an east exposure would be very nice for your snake plant – a half day of bright light will give strong thick leaves.

The appealing feature about this plant is its long, spear-like leaves. This floor plant looks great in a corner or in a grouping of other plants where its height and shape add contrast.


The Snake plant loves to be root-bound – the best time to re-pot is when the plant becomes too heavy for the pot. You’ll know when it is time to transplant because the plant will become very top-heavy and the pot will fall over. Dividing this plant is easy; it can be done during transplanting by pulling the individual plants apart at the roots.


Did You Know: An interesting fact about this plant is that the plant leaf extract is being used as an anti-venom used for snake bites – specifically ‘cobra’ snake bites.


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