I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I once had more than 85 different houseplants at one time. Today I have far fewer, but I am still passionate for houseplants. My latest acquisition was a beautiful Peace Lily given to me for my birthday and I have named her, yes, you guessed it – Lily.

I don’t have a garden outdoors, and my apartment balcony is much too small for the plants and pots that I would like to have. My apartment has low light and so my snake plant, peace lily, and umbrella plant are doing alright here. At work my office is bright and sunny with a south exposure and my plants there include my Madagascar Dragon Tree, hibiscus, spider plant, and Hoya.

My interest in writing about indoor gardening was rather sudden: I am an editor and I get submissions for articles for many topics for our community publication. After a coffee meeting with a good friend who writes our gardening article I realized how envious I was – I too should write an article! But what? I had no idea what interested me. Then a few hours later when a co-worker came into my office and praised my beautiful plants and told me how wonderful they all look I knew what I could write about.


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